Pastor Andrew

Pastor Andrew Pfeiffer

Pastor of Youth and Discipleship

"I had a life changing experience with Christ when I was listening to a radio evangelist preaching about sin and need for salvation. I asked my dad what I needed to do to be saved. He pulled the car over and I prayed to receive the grace of Jesus in my life. From that moment I began to grow in my relationship with Christ to the point where I decided that my life would be dedicated to building his kingdom on earth. Now I enjoy seeing the fruit of Godly labor here at Highpoint."

Andrew loves listening to music, playing video games, long boarding, anything car related, cooking and trying new foods. He and His wife are newly weds and are excited to grow closer to God together in life and in ministry. They cannot wait to get plugged in with everyone at Highpoint.

Pastor Andrew says, “We were so excited on our first Sunday visiting Highpoint together, to experience a culture longing for God to move, we were feeling welcomed immediately and so moved by the worship service that was real and genuine.”

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Andrew & Michelle Pfeiffer