Bryan Ignaszewski

Bryan Ignaszewski

Director of Music Ministries

Growing up in a Christian family with Godly parents, my siblings and I were taught all about God. Despite my upbringing,  I have made many mistakes and gone in some wrong directions, which has ultimately taught me that a relationship with God is something that we have to pursue daily and pray for guidance along the way. To know God is to spend time with Him.

Bryan started Music Ministries with Highpoint in 2012, after attending for more than a year.  He is a Mechanical Engineer and works for Honda Manufacturing when he’s not working at church. Bryan was worship co-leader at Eastside Vineyard Church in Pickerington for 8 years before he came here. When he is not working or worshiping, he spends time with his wife, Jill and their lovable daughter Halle. He loves the outdoors and spends time hunting, fishing, camping, landscaping, and even home improvement projects. He also loves to play his guitar around the campfire.

Bryan says, ” I have always had a passion for music and leading people into worship through music.  My heart for Highpoint is to facilitate an environment that helps people connect with God. My promise is to strive for authentic worship through song that is inspired by the Holy Spirit.”

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Bryan, Jill & Halle Ignaszewski